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Who we are?

Having more choice up on anything is a big change for many people to choose the best. Mebyre is a smart application which will act as a platform and will help you in creating a choice and share it with your friends who can give valuable suggestions to your choice. Your friends might be having experience or knowledge in your choice, so they could share their experiences and knowledge with you and this will definitely help you to collect more ideas and information about your choice. This will guide you to have a perfect decision in making your best choice. The Key factors which Mebyre will make you happier and make you smile are

  • You will get new ideas about what's possible
  • You will learn new things
  • Find out what other people do
  • Find out what you need or can offer to others
  • Have more choices
  • Learn new things
  • Try new activities
  • Take control of organizing things in your own life
  • Select new supports and work out what supports you want from others
  • Help you to build your confidence

What do we do?

  • Don't we make so many choices, almost every day? How do we solve our little-big dilemmas? And how do we keep memory of our best advisors and our past decisions, in order to make it easier tomorrow?
  • You need a real time review from your friends? Mebyre solves it all. Mebyre is a smart and simple web app, that grows with you. You can engage your web friends, so they can comment, add options, vote
  • You need to keep a record of all your choices? Moreover, Mebyre remembers your choices and your friends' actions, and she will quickly begin to give you suggestions, becoming your Personal Advisor for choices.

So don’t hesitate to have a smart move. Mebyre says Choose with me!